A habit of Reading Books

  1. Buy a book in hard copy instead of soft copy because if you read it on any cellular device then you have a lot of distractions.
  2. Buy a book for self-development and try to implement it in your life which makes you constantly motivated to read other books as well. ‘The 7 Habits of Teen’ and ‘The 7 Habits of highly effective people’ are good books to take a start.
  3. Buy one book at a time. Don’t buy too many books because it makes you distracted.
  4. Start reading by one page at a time. You need time to understand what you are reading.
  5. Try to read in a peaceful environment for good understanding.
  6. Read books to develop some skills or gain some knowledge instead of novels.
  7. Don’t be specific to any area of interest in choosing books. Read everything to gain knowledge of different domains. Be an empty container always when you are seeking for knowledge.




Software Engineer — Openshift CoreOS

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Ayesha Kaleem

Ayesha Kaleem

Software Engineer — Openshift CoreOS

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