Dockerize and Deploy Simple Golang Chat App by using Kubernetes

Clone the application, make it dockerized and orchestrate it through Kubernetes

Clone the simple golang+vue.js chat web application.

git clone
cd Chat-application
touch Dockerfile
subl Dockerfile

I am using sublime text editor, you can use any other in which you are comfortable with.


# Dockerfile References: Start from the latest golang base image
FROM golang:latest
# Add Maintainer Info
LABEL maintainer="Ayesha Kaleem"
# Set the Current Working Directory inside the container
# Copy go mod and sum files
COPY go.mod go.sum ./
# Download all dependencies. Dependencies will be cached if the go.mod and go.sum files are not changed
RUN go mod download
# Copy the source from the current directory to the Working Directory inside the container
COPY . .
# Build the Go app
RUN go build -o main .
# This container exposes port 8000 to the outside world
# Run the binary program produced by `go install`
CMD ["./main"]

Now, build the image of a docker file, login at and push it on to docker registry which is docker hub.

docker build . -t your-name/chat-application 
docker images
docker login

Make repo on docker hub and rename the image according to the docker hub

docker tag your-name/chat-application your-dockerhubUserName/repoName 
docker push your-dockerhubUserName/repoName

Your image is ready at docker hub ❤ your-dockerhubUserName/repoName = image_name


Directly pull the image:

docker pull ayesha306/chat-app

Now, let's play with Kubernetes. For this, we use minikube locally

minikube start
kubectl run chat-app --image=ayesha306/chat-app --port=8000
kubectl get deploy
kubectl get po

Now expose application service,

kubectl expose deploy chat-app --type=NodePort --port=8000
kubectl get services
minikube service chat-app --url

open the URL in the browser, for example,

Now, Scale the application

kubectl scale --replicas=4 deployment/chat-app
kubectl get all




Software Engineer — Openshift CoreOS

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Ayesha Kaleem

Ayesha Kaleem

Software Engineer — Openshift CoreOS

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